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World Basketball Manager 2010 Review

Written: January 7th, 2012.

Never Has Managing A Basketball Team Been This Entertaining

Why Review This Game?

A friend of mine got this game during this year's Steam Holiday Gift Pile and sent me it on the condition I write a review for it so sit back and enjoy.

What Is It?

Basically this is a basketball dynasty simulator via a simple interface for people that enjoy the management aspect of team sports. You can create your coach/manager, pick the country team you want to manage as well as a local team, draft players, manage contracts and finances, set starting rosters, trade and sign players, set training routines, and more. It's actually fairly in depth so you can spend quite a bit of time just getting things set up for your season.

Who Is That Guy?

One thing you will notice right away if you know anything about professional basketball is that all the teams and player names blatantly are all mispelled to avoid licensing fees. If you can get past the typos the rest of the game is pretty decent once you get into the regular season.

Technical Fouls

Well besides the blatant typos, my game errors everytime I try to play a game (scoreboard view) instead of simulating the game (goes onto the next day). This would be fine except it usually gets stuck loading that game again and doesn't let you coach through it which leads you to having to delete your coach and start over.


It's a great gag gift for anyone you know who likes basketball games or fantasy sports.

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