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Torchlight II Review

Written: September 22nd, 2012.

Bring Some Friends and Enjoy

Are We There Yet?

After waiting all summer for the release of Torchlight II, I was worried it was going to Diablow after all the launch issues with Runic's online registration site's issues the first two days. Thankfully all that was fixed as of yesterday and now on with the review.

Isn't This Just a Diablo 3 clone? isn't. Torchlight II in my opinion is far better than Diablo 3 because you can play offline so there is no single player lag/rubberbanding like you see in Diablo 3. There's no auction house, so you don't have to worry about all the other issues Diablo 3 has had either. While both are dungeon crawlers, Torchlight II and Torchlight before it, both support mods which gives you plenty of new things to do after you finish the game. Torchlight II features skill trees, which Diablo 3 lacks, and makes Torchlight II more of an RPG than a hack-n-slash game. Plus, at $20 it's practically a steal of a deal too.

What's New?

Multi-player is a new feature for Torchlight II, and besides the minor launch issues with the registration site I mentioned, really makes this better than the first game. It supports up to 6-player co-op and each player gets their own loot pool which is great if you are used to rolling on items in an MMORPG. The difficulty level and monster levels are determined by the hosting player's character. Players can trade items with each other too, so questing with friends helps get you extra loot via trading. Besides trading, players can port from town portals directly to a fellow player rather than to the nearest town portal.


Buy it! If you loved Torchlight or Diablo 1+2 but weren't impressed with Diablo 3, this is a must have game. And for $20, how can you go wrong?

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