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The Last of Us Review

Written: June 30th, 2013.

A Questivus for the Rest of Us

Story Telling At Its Best

This is the game most Dead Island players who bought it solely on the emotional trailer were hoping for. A game with characters you actually care about what happens to them. If you liked the gameplay of the Uncharted series, you will feel right at home here. Exploring the environments reveals a lot of collectibles and extra information.

The Rest of It

Unfortunately, someone thought adding multi-player to this great single-player game was a good idea. It really detracts from the game in my opinion since it is only some faction-based team PvP matches instead of a co-op survival horde mode. Other replay comes from completing challenges and locating collectibles if you are into that sort of thing.


Cost to hours of gameplay ratio: $60/20 hours (single player). While $3/1 hour of gameplay is a bit steep, if you enjoy a game with a great story, buy it.

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