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Sleeping Dogs Review

Written: November 19th, 2012.

Don't Sleep on this Game.

A New Spin on a Proven Formula

On its surface Sleeping Dogs may seem like a GTA clone set in Hong Kong but dig deeper and you'll find a game that could give the GTA series a run for the money. Open world, plenty of side missions, quality story...check. Great music and acting...check. Hand to hand combat instead of firearms...check. This game is like playing an interactive gangster movie (think Election or Triad Election).

The hand to hand combat is where Sleeping Dogs sets itself apart from the other GTA clones out there. It has a pretty strong combat system with unlockable moves and combos. Melee combat and environmental finishing moves add a great variety of ways to take down enemies. Firearms only emerge in key moments in the game which makes it a nice change of pace from just running and gunning.

Graphics and Sound

With a HD DLC pack available for free and included in-game benchmarks, Sleeping Dogs on PC looks a lot better than the console version. Cutscene graphics are the same quality as your third-person in-game character so you don't have to worry about having great cutscenes and crummy in-game graphics.

The music of Sleeping Dogs is great and you have a wide variety from Asian-themed music, classical, soul (Daptone Records station), electronic (Warp and Ninja Tune stations), rock, and rap make cruising around Hong Kong as fun as playing a mission.

Controller Required

With everything going for it, it's a bit frustrating that you can't customize the mouse and keyboard controls which forces you to play with a controller. Fighting and doing combos or driving with the default mouse and keyboard controls just doesn't cut it.


Buy it. Definitely worth checking out until GTA V comes out in 2013.

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