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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

Written: November 18th, 2011.

Best RPG Ever?

Who Needs Multiplayer?

In an age where single player gaming is taking a back seat to multiplayer gaming in all game genres, The Elder Scrolls series is one of the few remaining RPG series to walk its own path. And while most single player experiences are lucky to barely last 5-10 hours, you will be lucky if you are finishing up all the quests in the first town after the Skyrim introduction sequence. The amount of quests and areas to explore is greater than most MMORPGs including the content found of their expansions.

Replay abounds with the amount of quests and character creation options. Limiting the skills you focus on per character will give you a unique gameplay experience every time.

RPGing Done Right

Leveling in Skyrim (or in any game of The Elder Scrolls series) is not your typical RPG formula of only gaining attribute or skill points when you level up which lacks some realism, but rather the more you use a given skill, the more progress in leveling that skill you will gain. This allows players to create a character that is truly unique. Want an imperial heavy armour thief (my personal favorite)? Want a dark elf battle mage? Want a stealthy dual wielding Argonian hunter? All these are possible plus any other combination you can imagine.

Also, for those fans of crafting gear, the depth of crafting in Skyrim easily surpasses the experiences found in most MMORPGs or RPGs playable today. Not to mention that leveling crafting skills also contributes to your character level progress.


The amount of quality content and future PC modding tools far surpasses the bugs people are experiencing at launch. Other than some minor game-only crashes when taking Steam screenshots, I've yet to experience any fatal flaws on the PC version of this game with over 50 hours of gameplay logged. For those of you buying a console version you probably won't have the same experience but that just shows the age of the hardware specs in today's consoles. This game at max settings will easily slow down any pc with older hardware (a dual-core/tri-core cpu under 3GHz, slow DDR2/DDR3 RAM, and DX9/DX10 graphics), let alone a console that has been around for over 5 years with no hardware spec improvements to speed/memory/graphics.


Buy it...and save that money you would have spent paying monthly MMORPG subscription fees.

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