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RAGE Review

Written: October 14th, 2011.

Console Port + Generic Gameplay = RAGE!

Who Knew PC Gaming Was Dead?

After tons of preview hype from gaming review sites, RAGE ends up being another average console shooter and bad PC port. Why didn't anyone preview the PC version and why didn't id stick with what they used to do well...make PC games? All rants aside, let's see if the PC version is worth taking a look at.

Mad Max Crosses The Border

The graphic style of the game looks like a high definition version of Borderlands with similar controls and play-style. You're basically wandering around like Mad Max helping people for no real reason. Rather than focus on your character's background, the story focuses on the different factions in the world. Quest givers want you to keep a low profile but your actions done while helping them say otherwise. I've played about 10-15 hours so far and have yet to learn anything about my character that the game opening didn't already show me.

At least the game formula is nice if you liked Borderlands and the game looks sharp.

We All Know What Happens When We Assume

When seeing previews, this game seemed like it would be a fun combination of Borderlands, Doom, Fallout 3/New Vegas, and Interstate 76 (for those of you who can remember that game). For the most part that assumption was not far off but those games all do their gameplay elements much better.

Vehicle combat and racing is fun and offers a lot more to do that your typical FPS title but you will want to use a controller over a mouse and keyboard while driving. Scavenging wrecks and destroyed vehicles for parts would have been a great addition but sadly upgrades are limited to rewards from races and questing.

The End Is Near

All gripes aside, RAGE is still a decent title with plenty of gameplay. Easter eggs, co-op, and multi-player features round out a fairly solid single player experience.


Rent on console or wait for a sale.

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