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Mass Effect 3 Review

Written: March 14th, 2012.

Mass Appeal That Falls Flat

Multi-Genre Disappointment

Multi-genre games are always going to leave fans of one of those genres disappointed. This time around EA/Bioware tacked on a multiplayer horde mode for the action fans but failed to realize that the only main multi-player element that RPG fans enjoy is a co-operative story mode.

RPG and exploration elements of previous titles have been severely dummied down both for pacing and to allow players to choose their play-style of Action, RPG, or Story Mode. I played through on RPG mode and found it lacking heavily in the game play elements I really enjoyed on previous titles.

Reaping the Benefits of Multi-player.

Multi-player is a must for anyone who wants to unlock all the achievements and endings. It's your basic horde mode of defending your position from waves of enemies while earning XP and points to level up and purchase upgrades. I still think a co-op story mode where the NPC is Shephard and you play as the crew members would have been better.

Death of a Franchise

Apparently this addition of multi-player also meant they didn't have time for the graphic artists to render different cut scenes for the end of the game. So fans of the series were left cheated after investing numerous hours in the trilogy only to see it wasted in the final minutes of Mass Effect 3.

Don't get me wrong, the choices you make and their result were fitting but the final cutscenes all fail to illustrate how those choices impact the Mass Effect universe.


Rent it if you just want to see the ending. If you still want to own the trilogy, buy it on sale but be warned...used copies will require you to pay to unlock the multi-player.

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