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Madden 13 Review

Written: September 22nd, 2012.

Are You Ready For Some More Football?

First and Ten

I know I've said I don't review shovel-ware titles (Madden, Call of Duty, etc.) but I guess I was suckered in by all the preview hype and a great advertising campaign this year. The last Madden game I bought was Madden 10, so here is what you can expect to find in this year's edition.

Second and Eight

Madden 13 is their first game to use a physics engine and it definitely shows (but in a good way). Most of the animations look fairly realistic for a change so playing the game gets closer to watching a real game once again. The comedy of watching players trip and fall between plays or failing to get out of a dog pile is priceless. It's definitely more entertaining than the frustration of watching replacement refs on tv this year.

Third and Twenty

Commentary is once again hit or miss. It's great getting some back story from the 2011 season on players when playing a game from this 2012 season but really detracts in franchise/career mode after that season. Why can't they recap stats from each in game season after the title season? Do we really care about what happened to a player in 2011 when we are several years into a franchise/career?

Forth and Goal

Madden 13 (and I'm assuming previous titles since Madden 10) has a ton of game modes and extra features that give fans plenty of replay. Ultimate Madden is a fun feature and is a collectible card game that determines your roster for online and offline play. Standard four player multiplayer for online and offline play. Community features and fantasy football management on Custom roster and playbook editing, plus other features I may probably left out, help round out the entire Madden 13 experience.


Sports games are typically just purchasing a new roster with a few bells and whistles added in. If you have Madden 12, you may want to skip this year's installment. If you haven't bought a Madden game in a couple years then I think it's worth picking up thanks to the new physics engine.

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