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LOTRO: Riders of Rohan Review

Written: February 2nd, 2013.

The Road to Nowhere.

Ticket to Ride

If you enjoy following The Fellowship to Mordor in previous LOTRO exapanions, Riders of Rohan won't leave you disappointed. There are plenty of session plays and single player instances that allow players to experience some of the events as members of The Fellowship. It also brings us closer to Mordor, introduces mounted combat, returns DPS levels back to pre-nerfed Mines of Moria levels, and allows players to help rebuild the town of Hytbold.

Saddled with Issues

As with most LOTRO expansions since Mines of Moria, Turbine forgot to include new end-game content and more than 8 repeatable quests to do at 85. Only 5 daily rep quests exist so you have to pick which of the four factions you want to do quests for. Instances, tasks, and Warbands do not increase rep which does a great job of allowing players time to play other games after doing their daily quests.

After several months since the expansion's launch, certain quests still cannot be completed which can prevent players from doing other quests in that same area, and also increases the daily rep grind. This would be fine if not for the fact you will probably complete every non-Hytbold quest you can before hitting the level cap of 85.

There and Back There Again

Once again Turbine chose to revamp old areas and instances rather then include an abundance of new content at launch for Riders of Rohan. Revamping old content should never be part of a paid expansion in my opinion and the lack of new instances and raids at launch is unexceptable for the $40+ cost of an expansion. Expansion prices were also ridiculous seeing as the cheapest expansion version cost is $40 and the most expensive is $70. No wonder most areas are empty when I log in.


Skip it or wait for it to go on sale. Getting to 85 from 75 only takes a week and at 20 hours of gameplay for one character, the 1/2 gameplay hours per dollar ratio doesn't balance out until you start leveling alts and doing the daily rep grinds.

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