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LOTRO: Rise of Isengard Review

Written: October 14th, 2011.

The Rise (and Fall) of Isengard.

Wagons East

After Seige of Mirkwood strangely side-tracked everyone from heading closer to Mordor, it's nice to see things back on track in regards to the storyline quest chain. Not only that but most of the combat changes that hindered melee combat have been undone by the removal of the attribute cap. Funny though it takes double the might to do as high of crits as you could do in Moria, but I can't complain too much since I like seeing high crits! This also helped redefine class roles and usefulness while making solo play a fun experience for most classes. Crafting has also made a much needed comeback which is great because it reduces the need to grind for gear. Also, don't forget the PVMP overhaul which makes it easier to rank up a solid monster play character.

Don't Beat A Dead Horse

Unfortunately the expansion is not without major flaws. I've noticed each expansion launches with less books than the previous one and this launch is no exception. As a matter of fact it only has one book to do and that entire book focuses on solo questing and solo instances. There are no group instances to run to level up with, only scalable content for past instances and skirmishes because the new raid requires you to hit 75 in order to run it. If you have characters that already had experienced most of the content and areas available before this expansion, I hope you like skirmishes because I hit 74 and had to grind skirmishes for the last half of that level because I ran out of new content to run.

Lost In The Wilderness

For as many great changes as can be found in the expansion, Turbine seems to have focused more on undoing game play issues they caused in the previous expansions rather than focusing on actual content. The book has an abrupt end that nicely wraps up the Dunland area but leaves you annoyed with the fact that there is not another book to continue onto the remaining areas of the expansion. This lack of content is not exceptable for the cost of the expansion. Pre-order packages were useless for vested players and the cost of the expansion in Turbine Points is well over the highest pre-order package once they add the 3-person and 6-person instances for purchase. The quest pack and raid alone ran 4,500 Turbine Points which is over $40.

It's sad to see a game with so much potential lose its focus on what made it stand out from the MMO pack. I guess I'll go finish RAGE since there's no end game content to do on my champion or go level another alt to 75.


Wait for it to go on sale.

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