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Little Big Planet 2 Review

Written: January 28th, 2011.

First new game purchase of 2011, was it worth it?

Story Mode

Like the first game, the story of LBP2 is pretty simple and can be completed fairly quickly (about 8-12 hours) but unlockable content and leaderboards make it well worth replaying. The mini-games are great and the co-op helps you unlock even more content on certain levels.

Community Features

It seems that every game has downloadable content these days but how many games offer millions of free levels to play? Imported content from the first game is great for anything you purchased or downloaded. This offers plenty to do for those not interested in creating their own levels.

Currently the community features are pretty buggy. I usually have to close LBP2 and restart it to finally connect. A lot of people will not let you join their games so make sure you have a friend or two available to play them with to get the most out of the co-op and competitive levels.

Game Creation

Game creation is where LBP2 shines. The tools are easier to use than the first game and are a lot more robust. You can even make a game within a game within a game that is within a virtual Windows OS and have that game play your own music!

Music Sequencing

The music sequencer is pretty basic and offers a decent variety of instruments to choose from but it is easy to use so anyone can make their own music with it for use in their created levels. Hopefully new instruments will be released for free over time.


Buy it.

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