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L.A. Noire Review

Written: June 28th, 2011.

GTA meets CSI...does it work?

The Gameplay

In typical Rockstar fashion, L.A. Noire combines familiar sandbox gameplay with a great story while keeping it fresh with new features. The motion capture is second to none and the camera filters make this game play like an interactive movie. The classic radio programs and song add an extra element of authenticity that lacks in most games out these days that take place in a past setting.

The Interrogations

Questioning suspects is one of the key gameplay elements that keeps this from being a GTA-clone but it could have been implemented a little better. Additional accusation options and a clearer difference between accusing someone of lying (which requires evidence as proof) or simply doubting them leads to a bit of frustration when shooting for a 5 star case ranking. This fault can easily be overlooked though thanks to help via use of intuition points to help filter down the questioning options.

The Cases

While there are only a handful of cases in each of the four assignments, they offer a good variety of cases with some extra twists here and there. 40 side missions add to gameplay as does DLC. For those of you who like to unlock achievements, there's plenty of replay available.

DLC Schedule

With a set schedule for DLC releases, you have plenty to look forward to. The extra cases are fun and add help extend gameplay by up to an hour per case.


Buy it.

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