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Hitman: Absolution Review

Written: January 14th, 2013.

Kill. Rinse. Repeat.

Back On A Mission.

After hiding out for several years, Agent 47 returns in Hitman: Absolution. Was it worth the wait or should he have stayed in hiding? Let's find out if the PC version is worth the wait.

In With The Old.

Hitman games have always offered a wide-variety of creative ways to take out a target as does this game. The story clocks in around 15 hours so you challenge and leaderboard fans are going to be in for plenty of replay. Weapons and costumes abound and are worth looking for in order to complete challenges that will improve your leaderboard scores. Costumes only need to be unlocked once so you have more chances to explore each level on mission replays.

For PC gamers, the graphics are great but you really need to play around with the video settings and run the benchmark to get a decent frame rate in the game. Controls seem decent regardless of a mouse and keyboard or a game controller. You also get a free copy of Hitman: Sniper Challenge when you get the PC version from Steam which is a nice bonus and unlocks additional items in Hitman: Absolution.

Out With The New.

Contracts mode is pretty fun and lets you challenge your friends to beat your score. Creating contracts is surprisingly easy and there are plenty of community contracts available.

Like most games these days, Hitman: Absolution has its fair share of DLC for additional weapons and costumes.


Wait for a sale. With only 20 hours of gameplay for a $50 game before things get too repetitive, Hitman: Absolution just isn't a great gaming purchase at a 1/2.5 gameplay hours per dollar ratio.

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