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Halo 4 Review

Written: November 19th, 2012.

Your Favorite Franchise is in Good Hands

No Need To Worry

Everyone worries when a new developer takes over an established franchise and 343 Industries had some major shoes to fill from Bungie. The good news is they were up to the challenge and not only kept the franchise going but improved it in some aspects.


Campaign mode offers your standard Master Chief adventures. Spartan Ops is a new weekly series with its own storyline that covers 5 maps each week and allows you to gain experience points for leveling up your online Spartan. War Games offers a variety of pvp game types. All game modes allow up to 4 players to play on one Xbox 360 or co-op over the internet or system link. Weekly challenges for each game mode offer addition experience points. Forge rounds out the modes by allowing you to customize your own maps and games.

Who's That Spartan?

Customizing your character requires leveling up and completing challenges to unlock new gear, icons, and armor. Each time you level you gain a point to spend unlocking more gear for your loadouts. The good news is, you only have to purchase gear once to use it in multiple loadouts. Once you hit level 50 you can specialize your character for additional bonuses.

Missing In Action

The only thing missing from Halo 4 is an epic soundtrack. As a musician, music and audio adds a lot to a game and going into a major battle without an epic soundtrack hurts the campaign mode a bit.


Buy it. The Halo franchise is in good hands.

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