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Grand Theft Auto V Review

Written: December 3rd, 2013.

Best GTA Ever?

The Three Amigos

As always GTA V's main story does not disappoint. The biggest change in GTA V over previous versions is the ability to play three different characters throughout the story and eventually you can switch between the characters at any time leading to some great random moments and conversations. The ability to choose different ways to execute the heist missions adds some great replay. Not being able to plan heists outside of the main story after the game is done is a bit frustrating but there still is plenty to do in single player mode once the main story is finished, not to mention all the fun online.

GTA Online

If you want to level up a custom character head online for more missions and mayhem. GTA Online takes a lot of what made Red Dead Redemption's online gameplay so fun and still manages to build on that and add new features. All missions are from main and side characters of the single player game which makes it worth playing after you finish the single player mode story. Races, team battles, sports, and bounty hunting are just a few of things you can spend time on besides the online missions. Only one safehouse and one garage can be purchased but that gives you plenty of room to store your vehicles. High end vehicles must be purchased with in-game credits in order to park them in your garage. Also, don't forget to deposit your mission earnings in the bank frequently or lose it to bandits!


So far with 90 hours played at $60, GTA V has a 1.5 hours of gameplay per dollar ratio making it a must buy for any GTA fan.

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