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Forza Horizon Review

Written: February 18th, 2013.

The Fast and DLCicious

The Road Warrior

Forza Horizon is a racing festival that takes place in Colorado. Having a storyline in a Forza game is something new, but it makes for a fun arcade-style open-world racing game. Online races and rivals challenges add some replay if you are into leaderboards or bragging rights with your friends. Certain vehicles can be unlocked from barn finds, head to head boss races, and also for finishing all the races at a street race location.

A Wrong Turn

Unfortunately, the developers didn't include a wide variety of tuner or muscle cars to customize, and it seems like the cars available are just left over vehicles from Forza Motorsport 4. Some cars you race against cannot be purchased from the auto show nor via DLC, which I thought was pretty frustrating.

Another gripe I had was that you cannot custom tune your cars to the level of Forza Motorsport 4 and for some, saving a car setup can return errors that require deleting your save file? That's never an acceptable solution in my option and is an issue that still needs to be patched.

Toll Roads

Like the other Forza games, it sometimes seems like this game was just a way to sell cars via DLC packs. There also is a rally expansion that looks fun but most the DLC cars are the same ones as Forza Motorsport 4 which is kind of lame. I'd much rather see a bunch of 1980s-2000s American muscle cars and Japanese tuner cars to buy than a bunch of non-sports cars (station wagons and vans) or more exotic supercars.

Dead End

The weird thing about this game was that it has several of the same map locations as The War are they hinting that something happened at the Horizon Festival that triggered a zombie apocalypse? With the amount of purchasable content in both games, it does make you wonder.


Buy it on sale if you need a new racing game to keep you busy, otherwise pass. I did all the events and broke even on the $30 I purchased Forza Horizon for with a $1 per 1 hour of gameplay ratio.

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