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Forza Motorsport 4 Review

Written: October 30th, 2011.

The King Of The Road Is Back

Going The Distance

Once again, the Forza Motorsport series does not disappoint. Career Mode has been extended from 50 levels to 150 levels. Revamped community features include club play and rivals. Autovista mode gives an in depth look at some but unfortunately not all vehicles. Limited edition DLC and future DLC is coming.

Lapping The Competition

Like Forza Motorsport 3 before it, Forza Motorsport 4 easily bests Gran Turismo 5 in gameplay, graphics, car tuning, and online features. With so much to do in this release, you'll easily have plenty of things to do after hitting level 150. I'm currently level 50 and on the final world tour series but have yet to cover over 4% of the total events.

Is That A Scratch?

Not every game is perfect though and one major flaw I've seen so far is in the leveling up rewards. The vehicle rewards are usually near the top of their respective performance classes which differs from their purchased performance rating. This is a bit frustrating for gearheads because it takes a lot of the fun out of upgrading vehicles to see how good you can make them. I've yet to upgrade any vehicle other than a Honda Prelude I wanted to use later on for drift racing.

Another feature that also is a bit disappointing is the number of vehicles you can view in the Autovista mode. While the Top Gear commentary is great for the vehicles you can view, I've noticed you can't view much of the vehicle stats you used to be able to review in the car management and purchasing menus. It also isn't compatible with racing wheels due to the lack of analog sticks on most racing wheels. Just a minor gripe but still something to consider since you also can't take decent photos with a racing wheel for the same reasons.

Lastly, the DLC season pass is way overpriced which is about $40. DLC passes should either be included with limited editions or be no more than $10-15 in my opinion considering the game is $60-80 depending on which version you purchase.


Buy it.

November 18th, 2011 Update

After leveling past level 50 a few weeks ago and currently level 57, only credits appear to be granted for leveling up which is a bit of a disappointment but with over 6 million credits saved up by using the car rewards selected from the first 50 levels plus manufacturer affinity discounts, you can easily purchase what ever car and upgrades you want or need.

Finishing rival challenges offers experience points, new titles and icons, and credits.

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