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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Written: September 2nd, 2011.

The Human Revolution will not be televised.

The Long Awaited

It's been a while since the last Deus Ex game was out and to tell you the truth, I was more focused on waiting for Dead Island to come out so this one almost slipped under my radar until I saw a lot of good things regarding the previews prior to launch. So I picked it up while I was ordering some new computer upgrades including a DX11-capable graphics card (a GTX 560Ti if you must know). This game does a great job of blending multiple gameplay elements into a terrific RPG-Shooter while keeping it unique like the previous games did to separate it from the crowd.


Your RPG elements come in the form of augmentation upgrades that let you focus your skills in many different ways allowing you to play this game via stealth like in Splinter Cell or for those who like a little more action, you can play it more like Metal Gear Solid. Keeping yourself from using the same augmentation upgrades is tough but worth while to experience new parts of the game on additional playthroughs. You'll also get a lot of interactive dialog and cut-scenes that may remind you a bit of Fallout or Mass Effect but keep in mind, most of these current generation games got a lot of their gameplay elements from the original Deus Ex.

Attention to Detail

There's a lot of little Easter eggs and extra details in the game which make exploring each city worth the extra time. Want to shoot some hoops? Pick up a basketball in the back alleys of Detroit and fire away. Walk through the wrong door and you might have some unwanted friends to deal with or get a witty comment from a coworker. Try accessing a computer where a guard can see you through a window and prepare for some fireworks. These little details add a lot to helping further immerse players into an already great game. Hopefully other game developers will start including these extra details into their games as well.

A PC Version Done Right

In a time where most developers half-ass their PC ports of their games, it's nice to see that Deus Ex: Human Revolution plays so well with a mouse and a keyboard. The graphics are great so it's worth getting the PC version if you have a good gaming rig with either DX10 or DX11 graphics. I tested out both and either DirectX version looked great.


Buy it.

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