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The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn DLC Review

Written: February 18th, 2013.

Reavers and Ash Spawn and Miraak...Oh My!

There Can Only Be One

The main questline in Dragonborn is to find out who the Dragonborn Miraak is. It offers up a pretty neat quest line that clocks in around 15 hours of play if you don't get side-tracked exploring or doing other quests for the people of Solstheim. It allows you to gain several new powers through the Black Books and also three new shouts.

Other Quests

Side quests in Dragonborn abound and many are simply adventures you experience while exploring the island of Solstheim. If you want to get the most out of the DLC, make sure to explore the Dwemer ruins and the Riekling caves.

New crafting options also are added for armor, weapons, and staffs.

Some Spoilers

While the main quest and side quests of the DLC are fun, if you leveled up to 78+ like I did for the Legendary achievement in Dawnguard, you probably won't feel very challenged. Flying on dragons is fairly underwhelming...making it more like riding a horse would definitely improve the experience. Also, some of the search quests are a little buggy and may need to be advanced from the console window if the character you search for spawns in an unreachable area. Keep in mind these are very minor gripes for a DLC that offers well over 40 hours of gameplay.


Buy it. Dragonborn is another solid DLC quest pack for Skyrim and offers a $1 per 2+ hours of gameplay ratio when you experience all that the island Solstheim has to offer.

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