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DJ Hero 2 Review

Written: June 28th, 2011.

Like its predecessor, DJ Hero 2 fails to inspire people to DJ and misses the mark again as a useful practice tool.

Radio Play Crate Digging

Great remixes don't necessarily equal a great game. The track selection spans a wider variety of genres but lacks a much needed depth of tracks in each genre to better appeal to fans of the genres used.

Come On and Scratch It

I was excited to hear that DJ Hero 2 had a freestyle scratch feature...until I used it. It works great for basic scratches but anything fast or technical fails to properly reflect the techniques used due to the lack of crossfader usage and tracking. Also the lack of freestyle scratch opportunities in each session really detracts from the fun.

Pushing Buttons

The controller layout really hurts the DJ Hero franchise as use as a practice tool because it fails to reflect any proper DJ setup. I'm not saying DJ Hero 2 isn't fun to play because the controller layout works well for a music-based party game, I'm just saying playing the game will in no way make you a better DJ.

Competition Gets None

With no release date or new information available (other than rumors it's been canceled) for Scratch: The Ultimate DJ in recent months/years...Activision reaps the rewards of being the only DJ game in town much like they did when they were the only guitar game in town.


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