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Dishonored Review

Written: November 19th, 2012.

A Strong Start for a New Franchise

Limitless Creativity

Most stealth action games like to force you to play the game a certain way but Dishonored rewards creative play styles by allowing players to play the game however they want. Want to kill everything that moves? Want to sneak past everyone and only take out your objectives? Don't want to kill anyone? All these are valid ways to play Dishonored. This offers a lot of replay since you have enough skill customization and different ways to get through an area to keep trying new play styles.

A New World

The Steam Punk environment is a nice change of pace from the overplayed worlds found in most stealth action games. The level design, graphics, and audio are top notch and help to quickly immerse you in the new surroundings.


The PC version plays as well with a mouse and keyboard as it does with a controller. Which is a great way to get PC gamers interested in a new franchise.


Buy it. The world and gameplay will keep you coming back for more after each play through.

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