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Dead Rising 3 Review

Written: December 3rd, 2013.

If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It

Recipe For Success

Dead Rising 3 continues to use the same gameplay formula as the other titles in the series...but thankfully crafting crazy weapons while wearing goofy outfits to kill zombies never gets old. New locations and characters keep things fresh along with the Kinect voice commands and sensing to attract zombies adds a new element to the mix that DayZ fans will recognize. Another new feature is the SmartGlass integration but more on that later.

The story takes about 20 hours to complete if you focus on side missions and there is plenty of replay through online co-op, leveling, and collecting survivors and blueprints.

Recipe For Disaster

Why the SmartGlass apps are limited to other Windows devices is beyond me. This should also be a side-bar app for the Xbox One and would be a great selling point. Requiring players to purchase a Windows phone or tablet just to have extra content in game is stupid and is the biggest blemish on an otherwise great game.


So far with about 30 hours played for one play through at $60, Dead Rising 3 has a 0.5 hours of gameplay per dollar ratio making it a game that requires at least a second play through to break even. If you enjoyed the other Dead Rising games or are just looking for a fun zombie it.

December 23rd Update

Just a quick update on SmartGlass use with Dead Rising 3. I was happy to find out that SmartGlass is not limited to only Microsoft devices. It is also available for Android and IOS devices. This app adds several extra missions and codes for lock boxes in the game. You can also use it to see the in game map and get extra information on events. It definitely is worth using to help get the most out of your Dead Rising 3 game. Currently I have 45 hours played for the $60 game which makes the hours of gameplay per dollar spent ratio 0.75.

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