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DayZ Preview

Written: August 12th, 2012.

The Best Survival Horror Game Ever

Coming Soon

DayZ is currently in alpha mode but was announced earlier this summer as a standalone game using the ARMA3 engine for release later this year. While the alpha mode releases aren't always polished they give players a great sense of what is to come in the full release. It's amazing to see an alpha version top over 1 million players in a matter of months.

What Is DayZ

DayZ is survival horror at its finest. Using a military simulation game at its core, DayZ is the most unforgiving survival horror game around. You currently start with a flashlight, 8-slot backpack, a painkiller, and a bandage. You must find weapons, food, and water immediately while not only avoiding zombies, but fellow players as well. Not knowing if a fellow player is going to leave you alone or kill you, adds a lot of suspense, not to mention frustration if geared up. Players the murder other survivors are considered bandits and can be solo players or in groups. Vehicles are few and far between which I personally like because when you hear a vehicle you usually duck for cover and hope they pass by. Never get too attached to your gear and always learn from mistakes for your next play through to survive longer.

What DayZ Isn't

DayZ is not a zombie shooter like Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, or Resident Evil. Don't expect to respawn as a zombie when killed or expect to run and gun. Noise attracts zombies and bandits. Don't expect safe zones either. As soon as you get close to most buildings or towns, zombies will begin to spawn.

Best Words to Describe DayZ

Realistic - by focusing on survival plus adding the elements of friendly fire, DayZ makes you pay attention to your surroundings and adds tension whenever you run low on supplies or see other survivors. The night and day cycles are typically a 24 hour cycle so if you log in at night, expect the server to be at night too.

Memorable - by teaming up with friends, DayZ becomes one of the best games you and your buddies can share stories about. No play through is ever the same and working as a team makes surviving a lot easier.


When it is released later this it! To play the alpha versions, buy both ARMA2 and ARMA2 Operation Arrowhead; or buy ARMA2 Combined Operations.

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