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Besides being a musician, I'm also an avid gamer. Here's some info on the latest games I'm currently playing.

Top 10 Games of 2013

Written on March 3rd, 2014.

1. GTA V (Xbox 360) - Best Game of 2013. New twists on classic gameplay formula make this a must play and one of the last great games of the Xbox 360/PS3 console era.

2. Bioshock Infinite (PC) - One of the most immersive video game worlds you can experience. Only 2/3 DLCs released for season pass so far.

3. Metro: Last Light (PC) - Best Post-Apocalyptic Game of 2013. The DLC season pass also adds over 10 hours of extra gameplay.

4. Arma 3 (PC) - Best Military Shooter of 2013. Campaigns are still being released and an excellent modding community make this one of the most realistic shooters out there with plenty of user made content to play offline and online.

5. Payday 2 (PC) - Best Co-Op Shooter of 2013. Any fan of the heists of GTA V, but who also enjoys a solid yet challenging FPS should enjoy this.

6. Forza 5 (Xbox One) - Best Next Gen Console Racing Game of 2013. A nice variety of cars and tracks with solid racing and customization options keep the Forza series going strong. Hopefully more free cars and tracks are released to make up for the lack of content at launch.

7. The Stanley Parable (PC) - Best Funny Game of 2013. How many times can you do the same thing over and over without getting a different result?

8. The Last of Us (PS3) - One of the last exclusive titles for the PS3, this game doesn't disappoint on story quality.

9. State of Decay (PC) - While it was released earlier on the Xbox 360, this zombie game brings a welcome party management factor to your typical zombie survival game.

10. Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One) - Best Next Gen Console Zombie Game of 2013. A fun gameplay formula plus more zombies on screen makes for an entertaining time.

Must Play Early Access Games of 2013

1. DayZ (PC) - DayZ standalone version offers a lot of new features not found in the default mod. Each life is a different but memorable story. Definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of the mod or you just want a challenging survival game to play.

2. Starbound (PC) - Some might say this is just Terraria in space...but space makes everything more fun! Simple gameplay with tons of crafting depth make for a great game.

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